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About 5 years ago I had an interest in starting a resource library for carpet called  The plan, at the time,  was to make a valuable contribution to the industry, while at the same time focusing my attention on carpet forensics.  I had a student of the Masters of Linguistics Degree Program at Trinity University, Mr. Danny Foster,  helping me with the web design work.  He was a self-taught web designer, who during less than a year had mastered frames pages, flash, and other web development software.  However, the need for information to put onto the site was overwhelming and a very time consuming task, and it simply never got finished.  Since then Mr. Foster has pursued his intensely sought after language translation work in Africa with his wife (see The Fosters), and I engaged into a personal life by marring a great woman and having a fine little boy.  Eventually, four years later, with the growth of other types of flooring and further education, I saw a need for a general flooring inspection website that could not only help me with my customers, but help many others around the globe who desired to solve a flooring complaint of any type.  The broader category of "All Flooring Inspections" came into development and hence, came into being.  I had GFX Media Design come up with a number of logos, which  were originally designed for  They were very well done.  However, while in the beautiful city of Cartagena, Colombia, last year, I had my brother-in-law Harold Caicedo, a computer logo design wizard and owner of a printing company, develop the CS logo that you see just about everywhere on this website: (a) the logo for the main menu, (b) the background design for each page, and (c) the image overlay for each of the larger photos present on this site.   The logo is on all my stationery: letterheads, fax forms, reports, emails, and business cards.  

For the last month, starting late February 2005, I have had to retrieve from my archives what information Mr. Foster left me of -- the main opening page.   I learned how to design a frames page with MS Frontpage 2000, using MS's help menu. The next task was to gather and  refine the literature I felt was needed to include in the first draft of the website, and display it in my own presentation style.  I haven't yet mastered the full power of Frontpage, or checked out Macromedia's Flash, and other web design software.  I know there is always room for improving this site.  It will continue to grow and change in the years ahead.  

If  you have a comment about this site, please forward it to me.   Constructive criticism is always welcome.  In the meantime, Welcome to... Authorative site for residential and commercial flooring inspections in Canada.    

Clayton Shull, BSc, CI, HSI

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