Mr. Clayton Shull, BSc, is an FCITS Certified Hard Surface Inspector  (www.fcits.org) and IICRC Certified Senior Carpet Inspector (www.iicrc.org).  The FCITS and the IICRC are internationally recognized inspection organizations.  Mr. Shull inspects the following: 




Laminate flooring

Engineered flooring

Solid Wood flooring

Vinyl/Resilient flooring

Ceramic tile 



Building moisture and fungal check

Building dry check



INSPECTION REQUESTS:  If you need an inspection performed, contact your dealer or the place where you purchased the product, tell them what the problem is, and ask for an inspection. The manufacturer will likely commission the inspection. If not, then we can perform the inspection for you or refer you to someone.  Check our Price List.  An Inspection Request Form is also availableSimply send out what information you have including a description of the problem and product and the dates of events, then either email or fax it.


INSPECTION PROCESS:  A call is usually made by the inspector within 48 hours to set up an appointment.  Inspection Reports are generally completed within five (5) business days from the date of on site inspection.  Emergency inspection reports can be completed much sooner, as scheduling permits. 


INDEPENDENT INSPECTOR: The inspector is totally independent of any manufacturers, fabricators, dealers, or installers.  He is here to give an unbiased evaluation of the concern(s) at hand.  Any questions that are asked by the inspector enables him to gain better knowledge related to your particular complaint(s).  The inspector will complete a written inspection report, which along with any photos, diagrams, charts, graphs, or samples obtained, will be submitted to the commissioning company for their evaluation.  A recommendation for potential repair can be made upon request. 


COMMISSIONING PARTY:  The commissioning company is the only party that the inspector can release his report to.  The commissioning party, in turn, can release the report to whomever they wish as they own the document.  It is not up to the inspector to make ANY comments or decisions as to what the problem is or what is to be done to correct the problem.  This decision is to be made by the manufacturer, fabricator, dealer, or installer and not by the inspector.

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