Sliders are designed to be a reusable set for use under furniture over carpet.  There is no adhesive, which would make Sliders a permanent fixture under the legs.  The closed cell neoprene foam has excellent resilience, strength, water resistance, and gripping power for any piece of furniture with legs small enough to fit into the 4" diameter plastic dish.  Once Sliders is placed under each of the legs, the furniture will slide over top of carpet much easier than before.  For cleaners, with enough sets one can set all the furniture with legs onto Sliders.  Then slide the furniture over to one side of a room, so now the other side of the room can be cleaned.  For installers, Sliders will aid you in moving furniture out of a room so installation or repair can take place to the affected area of carpet.  For those wet cleaning a floor, Sliders have the added advantage of eliminating any stain potential the furniture legs may have had without the use of Sliders (e.g.. rust, wood stains, dye transfer, etc). Furthermore, Sliders glide over wet carpet much easier because there is less friction over wet carpet than dry carpet.  Many end user who see Sliders in action will ask for a set.  Do not disappoint them.  Be prepared with an extra set.  Everyone can use Sliders for one moving job or another, vacuuming difficult areas, etc.. They are reusable and moderately priced (prices below).  




  FatSliders are similar to Sliders except they are designed for furniture without legs.  A thick 1" foam insert allows for this to occur, where the weight of flat based furniture will not compress down onto the plastic dish. 




Sliders are priced at $8/set Canadian funds ($6.00 US/set), plus any applicable taxes and shipping.  For larger orders, the price is much lower.  A box of 100 sets is $5/set Canadian funds ($3.75 US/set), plus any applicable taxes and shipping.  No one can beat our prices because we are the manufacturer.  FatSliders are $10/set Canadian funds ($7.50 US/set), plus any applicable taxes and shipping.  Bags are available for each set of Sliders, but not FatSliders.  Instructions sheets are optional.  Instructions can be emailed with your contact information. Then simply print out copies as needed.   Alternatively, one could make copies of the instructions below, add your contact information, and print them out.  Canada Post ships to all Canada and USA destinations.  All payment in advance before shipping the product.  Dealer enquires are welcome.  










Lift one corner of your furniture and center the Slider under the leg. Repeat this process for each of the other legs.  


If carpet is soiled, vacuum the area where the furniture is to be moved as foreign particles like sand can 

scratch your product.  


In more difficult moving situations, a slight mist spray of clean water on the carpet will help move furniture much



Half the population in North America have back problems.  Using good judgment and Sliders, you can help 

reduce back muscle and spinal injuries and fatigue. "Never" be afraid to ask for help with moving furniture that

is too heavy or awkward for you.  




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