REPAIR:  pulled yarn

COMMENTS:  This is an example of pulled yarn on a brand new straight stitched product.   The repair was made by inserting new yarn using retufting techniques. The adhesive used to make the repair is stronger than the latex composition used to make the carpet.  Extra care was needed to match the pattern.  Since this was new carpet, there was no concern of a shade difference between the new carpet and the supply (donor) yarn used to make the repair.    

TIP:  When pulled yarn is first noticed, there are one of three general options one can take:

  • Leave it alone, in which case the damage may increase.
  • Cover the affected area with non-stick paper, and then tape the perimeter of the paper using tape that will not release color, dye, or adhesive onto the carpet.  Masking tape has proven to work well for this purpose.  
  • Cut the loose yarn and dispose of it. Since pulled yarn tends to result in damaged latex ends and fiber slippage, a skilled carpet craftsman will likely choose new yarn to finish the repair.  There are many places where new yarn can come from in an existing installation:  a remnant, under baseboard, around heat register, a closet, etc.


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