Canadian Leader for Field Testing of Floor Covering Materials


Inspection and laboratory work


 1. Tuft bind testing (carpet)

 2. Delamination strength testing (carpet)

 3. Pilling and fuzzing roller test (carpet)

 4. AATCC Gray Scales for color change (carpet)

 5. AATCC Gray Scales for evaluating staining (carpet)

 6. Assessment of Carpet Surface Appearance Change using CRI Reference Scales (Photo reference scales).

 7. Fluorochemical testing (Such as 3M Scotchgard™)

 8. Stain resist testing (5th Generation Finish, such as Dupont Stainmaster™)

 9. Latex penetration and bundle wrap

 10. Fiber identifications  (burn, chemical, melting point, and microscopic testing)

 11. Photomicrographs (microscopic fiber cross sections and longitudinal views of carpet fibers) 

 12. Floor surface temperature mapping

 13. Floor surface moisture mapping

 14. Carpet moisture testing

 15. Wood moisture testing

 16. Concrete moisture testing 

 17. Calcium chloride tests for moisture emissions through concrete

 18.  Building moisture testing (building envelope and indoor surfaces)

 19.  Building dry testing (Are indoor materials to an acceptable dry standard?)

 20. Air temperature, relative humidity, specific humidity, vapor pressure, dew point

 21. Carpet pile direction test

 22. Test cleaning

 23. Foam residue test

 24. Urine test

 25. Floor flatness test

 26. Digital photography and video documentation 

 27. Fungal test methods:  air, surface, vacuum, and bulk.





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